The Long(er) & Winding(er) Road

So 2016 turned out to be an equally productive and frustrating year; we’d finally overcome all the twists and turns in getting sign-off to build a bespoke home with a few design details that separate it from others, but we lost our builder due to delays.

2017 rolled around very quickly, and soon we were meeting with the builder to get a project plan in place.  Or at least I thought it would be that simple – until we started trying to finalize our finance.

I’m not going to go into too much detail here about how painful it was dealing with our bank (who we ultimately ended up staying with), but as the purpose of this blog is to help others I’ll say this – going down the path of a bespoke design, where you pay a builder to manage the construction/sub-trades/and basic landscaping, but want to pick all soft-furnishings, plants etc is likely going to be the painful route.

For whatever reason (I suspect it’s primarily risk-aversion), banks massively favour the showhome companies, as they deliver a turn-key product, with (in theory) franchise backing, and a contract/project plan that locks down exactly what they deliver, when it needs to be paid for, and what the client will get at the end.

Note, this is not a dig at showhomes; there are a lot of very reputable ones out there doing great work, and if you’re the sort of people that don’t like having to make 1,001 decisions, they’re a great fit.

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