It’s all in the Specs

Without getting too airy-fairy about it, good house design is creating spaces (rooms, hallways, open spaces and combinations of these) that function well individually, but then also come together in a cohesive, intuitive way.  You can say the same about the design of anything I guess (cars come to mind), in the sense that you aim for a synergy of these constituent pieces, where the collective effect of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Part of doing this well is selecting the right materials, from the functional aspects of construction I discussed last post, through to the purely aesthetic choices.  What I’m getting at here is that designing a house really is just a massive decision-making process, where you evaluate a bunch of options, and (hopefully) come up with a compelling choice.  Sure, you can take a path of least-resistance, and not concern yourself with things beyond how they look, making sure you only pick from materials that are code-compliant, but it does limit your options.

I’ve previously mentioned how certain design choices can (and should) have a flow-on effect to other decisions you have to make, and I often describe our house specifications as ‘having it where it counts’ in terms of spending the money on things you can’t necessarily see, but will come to appreciate once the house is being lived in

In that regard, C and I spent a lot of time looking into certain things, and not much time on others, but pretty much every item we’ve picked so far was chosen for a reason, which I’ll delve into as we go!

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